New Year's Resolutions

The New Year starts on Monday. (Please note: the New Year always starts on a Monday. You can't start a campaign to change your life for the better on a Thursday. That's just ridiculous.) And in the spirit of that, here are my New Year's Resolutions.


1. Write every day. This one I actually did start on January 1 and have kept up. As I've gained work as an audiobook narrator, I feel like I've backslid slightly as far as writing goes. I've participated (and "won") Nanowrimo the past two years, but haven't gotten much writing done in between beyond work on Kingery scripts. So it's time to get going on that. The key to resolutions, or so I've heard, is to (a) not make them impossible to follow, and (b) not make them so vague that you might as well not made them at all. I think this post by Jason L. Blair is a good guideline by which to go. I think my first project will be a Seminar script. Hey, why not write one yourself?


2. Go to the gym three times a week. A couple of years ago, I got on that slow-carb 4-hour diet, and I lost a hell of a lot of weight. But it's exceedingly easy to fall off that wagon, especially if, like me, you are a fundamentally lazy person. So. To the gym, thrice weekly, and eliminate as many carbohydrates as I can without going insane.


3. Record and/or edit every day. I'm currently working on an audiobook for Dynamic Ram. For some reason, this one's taking a lot longer than my other work has done; I whipped through three novels in the first half of 2013, so I want to get this one wrapped up. The goal: have this audiobook done by January 17. That seems plausible. And then get right to work on the next one.


4. Meditate for ten minutes every day. I used to meditate. It calmed me down. Not quite sure why I stopped.


5. See at least one movie in theaters that (A) isn't based on a comic/TV show/line of toys/video game/other nerd crap, and (B) doesn't have any CGI in it. I don't see too many movies in theaters anymore, and the only ones I did see in 2013 fall into the above categories. I'd like to see something about, you know, humans. I'd quite like to see American Hustle, if only because every single clip of it I've seen features Amy Adams in even more ridiculously revealing attire. I am not made of stone.


6. Stop reading content mill sites. I think I've read all of the "27 Reasons Why This Thing You Thought You Loved Is Actually Awful" articles I need to.


7. Wean myself off of caffeine. Last year, I tried to drop caffeine cold turkey. It went poorly. So I'm going to try and slowly get myself off the stuff and slowly cut down on my coffee intake. We'll see how that goes. Of all my resolutions, this has the most potential to fail horribly.