Pun Don't Hurt

Normally I would tweet something like this, but this joke is too breathtakingly awful to be confined to a mere 140 characters.




I had an idea for a story. A movie pitch, if you will. 


HE is Dack Handsome, top agent for the US Freedom Agency! He spends his days chasing down the enemies of Uncle Sam and his nights with the llllllllladies. 


SHE is Jemina Thrust-Maidenhead, top agent for the UK's Department of Uncivilised Combat! She plays it strictly by the book... until it's time to pick up the book and hit a dashed rotter about the skull with it! 


THEY are looking for the same man; the mysterious mercenary known only as Johnny Foreigner! They have one clue to go on; every autumn, Foreigner throws off his cloak of secrecy and regularly visits a coffee shop to partake of his favorite seasonal beverage!


NOW, Handsome and Maidenhead have to go undercover as baristas, slinging java and maybe... juuuuust maybe... growing closer as a result! 


This October, THEY ARE.... 






Go ahead, take a knee. You're gonna need a minute after a hit like that.