Sentinels: When Strikes The Warlord

As you can see by the big blue-gray fellow on the front page, I have another audiobook that's about to be released.

Sentinels: When Strikes the Warlord is by Van Allen Plexico, and it's a great deal of fun. I know I had a good time reading it. It's the tale of a team of superheroes, Ultraa, Pulsar and Esro Brachis, and their adventures battling the cosmic evil of The Warlord.

I really enjoyed performing this book, because the oversized characters gave me a lot of work with. (Wait until you hear Kabarrak. I went so far over the top on that one, I passed Sandra Bullock in a spacesuit on the way up.) Also, I'm an old school Marvel fan--my first run of Avengers was back in Roger Stern's heyday, and that kind of squabbling team dynamic has always been my favorite kind of super team.

So if you enjoy heroes that act like heroes and cosmic adventure, check out Sentinels: When Strikes The Warlord, coming soon from Dynamic Ram! (Trust me, I'll spam the link hard when it gets released.)