I Am Vengeance! I Am The Night! I! AM! WIMSEY!

I have no real news to report as far as writing (we're still doing that) and audiobooking (I'm still doing that too). Instead, I choose to use this forum to explain why Lord Peter Wimsey and Batman are the same character. If you don't know who Lord Peter Wimsey is, here's his Wikipedia page. If you don't know who Batman is, congratulations on returning to our planet from wherever the aliens brought you.

SPOILER ALERT if you've never read any of the Wimsey novels, I guess.

Now then.

Lord Peter Wimsey is the main character in a series of mystery novels as written by Dorothy L. Sayers. Batman is the main character of DC Comics. (Sorry, Superman fans. I'm not saying it's a good thing, I'm just saying everything in that company revolves around Batso.)

Lord Peter is rich as balls. Bruce Wayne is also rich as balls.

Lord Peter spent his youth engaging in warfare and, eventually, joins the intelligence services. Bruce Wayne spent his youth traveling the globe learning combat and detective skills from a variety of teachers.

Lord Peter has been mentally scarred as a result of a close encounter with violence, in this case shellshock. Being mentally scarred by violence is what led Bruce Wayne to become Batman.

Lord Peter moves in upper class circles and pretends to be dimmer than he is. So does Bruce Wayne.

Lord Peter's closest associate in his investigations is his valet. Batman's closest associate in his investigations is his butler.

Lord Peter's second closest associate is Chief Inspector Parker. Batman's is Commissioner Gordon.

At one point, Lord Peter fakes his death in the course of an investigation. Batman does that twice a month, more if it's tax season.

Lord Peter makes use of a network of agents, including an all-female detective agency. Batman makes use of a network of agents, including the Birds of Prey.

Lord Peter steps out with a lot of ladies. So does Batman.

Finally, Lord Peter's true love is a notorious woman whom he meets when she's incarcerated. And Batman's got Catwoman.

This has been Lord Peter Wimsey and Batman Are The Same Character.



...don't ask me where Albert Campion fits into this.