More Like Suckusitis, Amirite

 [Warning: What follows is a collection of bellyaching. I’m posting it here because I didn’t feel like making a long Twitter thread out of it, and because I’m growing weary of Twitter in general. Enjoy. Or not.]


The past few days, I have been dealing with pain. 

This happens to me every year, it feels like. I will be moseying along, minding my business, when I will experience an agony in most of the teeth on the right side of my head. It feels like wads of steel wool have been shoved inside my teeth and set on fire.

It is particularly bad at the moment, however. All day long, I have been performing the following cycle.

1. Feel the first tingles of pain. 

2. Swish ice water over my teeth. This causes a momentary sharp pain, followed by a few minutes of painlessness. 

3. Curse my birth. 

The best part is, the pain becomes worse when I lie down. This is less than optimal, as lying down is my favored sleeping position. 

The problem is not with my teeth, unless they have all gone to shit en masse. The problem is my sinuses. Yesterday, I went to urgent care. A doctor looked at me very briefly and sent me home with two bottles of pills, two different nasal sprays, and a tube of gel. The gel was for the tooth pain.

It came as something of a surprise when I rubbed the gel on my teeth and found that it doesn’t work. At all. Oh, it numbed the inside of my mouth. It numbed my teeth. It did not numb the inside of the teeth, which were filled with an absolutely molten pain that seemed to be so much worse for all the numbness surrounding it.

So that's great.

I shall now go and attempt to sleep sitting up. I wish myself good luck with that, I do.