Oh. Right. I have this blog.

So, it's been... three months? Oy. Three months. You may be wondering... who the hell am I kidding, you aren't wondering anything, I'm going to have to remind people that this page even still exists.

The writing continues. To say more than that would take a much longer post than this; suffice it to say we are headed toward the finish line on not one but two books. After that we'll see.

Audiobooking also continues. I am trying to have my current project done by September 30. We'll see if that happens.

Anyway, in the interest of giving you something, you who have managed to click on this, here are links to a couple of free audiobooks I did for Librivox. They're about Ashton-Kirk, who is basically Sherlock Holmes with the serial numbers filed off and moved to Gilded Age Philadelphia. Be advised, these books were written over a hundred years ago, so there's some casual racism to be found, but it feels more clueless than cruel.

And while you're there, check out the rest of Librivox's catalog. There's a lot to be found.