The State of Things

I like to post status updates early on Sunday mornings, when I am sure absolutely no one will read them.

First: I have, at last, finished work on the audiobook I've been bellyaching about for the past two months. And by "finished," I mean "a vast darkling plain of agony awaits me known as an approval process." But all the major edits are done. 

Second! I have begun a writing project. Yes, in addition to making the mouth yawps, I am a filthy wordsmith as well. I've been edging back into prose writing over the past couple of NaNoWriMos, but this is moving quickly. Largely because I'm one of five people writing the thing.

Basically, what happened was my pal Matt-- who, for no particular reason other than deep social awkwardness on my part, I hadn't spoken with in a few years-- pulled up alongside me in a convertible and shouted "GET IN, LOSER, WE'RE WRITING A NOVEL."  

What's it about? Superpowers. Epic battles. A touching love story between a career criminal and an invulnerable punching machine. You know, the classic themes. 

If you want to read a bit of it, Matt has an excerpt here

Third! I finished that audiobook on Thursday, and it is now Sunday, which means it's time to start the OTHER audiobook. Ahhhh ha ha ha ha bitter bitter weeping. Hopefully this will go much easier than the previous debacle, since I now have a much clearer idea of how this all works. Bulletins as they happen.