Stuff I Like: Tekdiff

I never did finish my month of positivity, so as I use this blog more, I'll keep talking about Stuff I Like. Today, the subject is Tekdiff

Short for "Teknikal Diffikulties,"  Tekdiff is a podcast written, produced and performed by Cayenne Chris Conroy. (You may recognize his name from his sound effects work on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.) For eleven years now, he's been creating audio comedy that moves at lightning speed, like a one-man Firesign Theatre.

This would be impressive enough, but a few years into the show's run, Conroy began a show within Tekdiff called The Account: A Tale of the Waking World.  This ambitious story, which has stretched across several arcs now, follows a human, Hanover Phillips, an accountant in a world that's a mix of high fantasy and hard sci-fi. After discovering a mystical error in the figures, he's drafted to become a corporate knight and sent to solve the problem. With him is his goblin "squire," Nyro Guillaume, who's taking a sabbatical from her career as an assassin for hire. The Account is by turns hilarious, exciting, and terrifying, but what really makes it work is the chemistry between Nyro and Hanover. It's very easy to forget that they're being voiced by the same person.

Eleven years is a long time to do anything, and Tekdiff is even more impressive because it's a solo act.  It's really good stuff. CCC just posted his 11th Anniversary Special, and you should click those words and check it out.