Triumph Over The Boing

I have solved The Riddle of the Boing.

You know that last post? Where I admitted defeat and resolved to simply move forward and turn in an imperfect product? Yeah, I kept trying to figure it out for like two hours afterwards. And I'm glad I did.

I record and produce in Adobe Audition. After recording, the first thing I do is run Noise Reduction. It will show you what a bright fellow I am that it took me about a week to try recording in a different program to see what results I would get.

Audacity, ah, sweet, free Audacity. I opened that up instead, read the same lines I'd been reading all night long, ran noise reduction, and...

No Boing.

I tried it again. Then I opened up Audition at the same time so I'd be sure I was getting the exact same sound and recorded on both. I ran the Audition-recorded lines through Audacity's noise reduction; no Boing.

So! Clearly the problem is with my Adobe Audition Noise Reduction settings! I shall have to find a way to make them match my Audacity settings! Wait, I have a better idea! I'll just do the noise reduction in Audacity! Much easier!

I thank you for your patience in this, my long dark recording session of the soul. I will return soon with other things, that do not feature the words "sound booth" at all. Cheers.

The Event Horizon

The saga of the sound booth continues.

I have been back and forth and up and down and something and something else with this damn thing. No matter what I record, The Boing keeps popping up. Move the mic? Boing. Lower the gain? Boing. Use a Porta-Booth inside the sound booth? Boing.

So the hell with it.

I can process the lines so that they fit within ACX/Audible's guidelines. I can make them sound as good as I can, and that's all I can do, so that's what I'm going to do. If what I do gets rejected, I'll deal with that then, but I can't keep spinning my wheels.

My frustration reached the point that I pulled down all the foam I spent the last weekend attaching to the inside of the booth with mounting tape. (Sidebar: Did you know that "Extreme" mounting tape can hold 20 pounds, but can't successfully attach a piece of acoustic foam to wood?) In their place, I put up furniture blankets. And the teeth-grinding truth is, it sounds better.

So what do I know?

Back to work. Time to get this done.